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Alzheimer and Dementia Workgroup (Mountain Projects, Inc)

The Alzheimer & Dementia Workgroup's overarching goal is to increase awareness and support individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other related dementia and their caregivers. Alzheimer & Dementia Workgroup is a 2010 recipient of The Rosalinde Gilbert Innovations in Alzheimer's Disease Caregiving Legacy Award for the Policy & Advocacy category.


Mountain Projects, Inc

Coming Out to Care: Caregivers of Gay and Lesbian Seniors in Canada

Citation Brotman, S., Ryan, B., Collins, S., Chamberland, L., Cormier, R., Julien, D., Meyer, M., Peterkin, A., & Richard, B. (2007). Coming out to care: Caregivers of gay and lesbian seniors in Canada. The Gerontologist, 47 (4), 490-503.

Design Exploratory research/personal interviews

Telephone Support for Caregivers of Patients with Cancer

Citation Walsh, S., M., & Schmidt, L. A. (2003). Telephone support for caregivers of patients with cancer. Cancer Nursing, 26(6), 448-453.

Design Study

Purpose The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of conducting a brief telephone intervention, Tele-Care II, for caregivers of hospice patients.

Participants The participants were N = 14 caregivers of hospice patients (5 were able to complete the study).

Caregiving and Veterans

Caregiving and Veterans

Whether it's former "empty-nest" parents resuming a caregiving role for unmarried children returned home as injured veterans, or a spouse of a veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the responsiblities of the veteran's caregiver can become incredibly overwhelming—mentally, emotionally and physically. With today's medical care system and technologies, we're seeing more veterans living longer lives—but often accompanied by injuries, psychiatric issues and/or physical impairments.



Caregiving takes many forms. Many of us help older, sick, or disabled family members and friends every day. We know we are helping, but we don't think of ourselves as caregivers. We are glad to do this and feel rewarded by it, but if the demands are heavy, over time we can also become exhausted and stressed. We think we should be able to handle caregiving roles on top of busy work and family schedules and begin to feel guilty and depressed as our stamina wanes.

Caregiving, Mortality and Mobility Decline

Caregiving, mortality, and mobility decline

Citation Fredman, L., Cauley, J.A., Satterfield, S., Simonsick, E., Spencer, S.M., Ayomayon, H., N., & Harris, T.B. (2008). Caregiving, mortality, and mobility decline. Archives of Internal Medicine, 168(19), 2154-2161.

Acute Care Utilization by Dementia Caregivers

Acute care utilization by dementia caregivers

Citation Schubert, C.C., Boustani, M., Callahan, C.M., Perkins, A.J., Hui, S, & Hendrie, H.C. (2008). Acute care utilization by dementia caregivers. Journal of Internal Medicine, 23(11), 1736-1740.

Design Cross sectional study

Purpose The purpose of this study was to examine the facets of dementia caregiving that impact caregiver acute health care utilization.

Adult Daycare for the Frail Elderly: Outcomes, Satisfaction and Cost

Adult day care for the frail elderly: Outcomes, satisfaction, and cost

Citation Baumgarten, M., Lebel, P., Laprise, H., Leclerc, C., Quinn, C. (2002). Adult day care for the frail elderly: Outcomes, satisfaction, and cost. Journal of Aging and Health, 14(2), 237-259.

Design Experiment

Purpose The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of Adult Day Care (ADC) programs on: care receiver's depressive symptoms, anxiety and functional status, caregiver burden on the cost of health services.

Befriending Carers of People with Dementia...

Befriending carers of people with dementia: Randomised controlled trial

Citation Charlesworth, G., Shepstone, L., Wilson, E., Reynolds, S., Mugford, M., Price, D., Harvey, I., & Poland, F. (2008). Befriending carers of people with dementia: Randomized controlled trial. BMJ, 336, 1295-1297.

Design Randomized controlled trial

Linking Rural Caregivers to Cognitive-Behavior Intervention for Depression

Alzheimer's rural care health line: Linking rural caregivers to cognitive-behavior intervention for depression

Citation Glueckauf, R. l., Stine. C., Bourgeois, M., Pomidor, A., Rom, P., Young, M. E., Massey, A., & Ashley, P. (2005). Alzheimer's rural care health line: Linking rural caregivers to cognitive-behavior intervention for depression. Rehabilitation Psychology, 50(4), 346-356.

Design Focus groups


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