Focus on Texas: Caregiver Assessments

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This webinar took place on September 20th, 2011.

Family Caregiver Alliance sponsored a webinar focused on the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) and efforts to implement a caregiver status questionnaire in its Medicaid functional eligibility determination process for HCBS as well as a caregiver assessment in the Older Americans Act, Title III-E programs. The process began in 2009.

Participants learned about the legislative history behind the assessment, the department's development and implementation processes, how the tool is used and administered, challenges and lessons learned, and future plans for assessing the program.

Jeffery Seider, Chief of Staff for Access and Intake at DADS
Patricia Bordie, Manager for Special Projects at DADS
Lisa Akers-Owen, Manager of Community Services Policy and Curriculum Development
Sue Fielder, Manager of Contract Accountability and Oversight

Additional materials related to this webinar

  1. Question & Answer from the Webinar
  2. Texas Caregiver Assessment
  3. Texas Caregiver Status Questionnaire
  4. Informal Care in Texas: Aging Family Caregiver and their Need for Services and Support (Report written by DADS in October 2009)
  5. Rider 38: Delivery of Caregiver Support Services
  6. Actual Text of SB 271 as it was enacted
  7. Why Assess the Needs of Family Caregivers? (From the Caregivers Count Too! Online Toolkit to Help Practitioners Assess the Needs of Family Caregivers)

For more information, contact FCA's Education Coordinator at (800) 445-8106.

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